Oil buffer YRB

The function of oil pressure buffer is to reduce vibration and noise in automatic mechanical operation, convert the kinetic energy generated by the moving object into heat energy and release it into the atmosphere, and effectively stop the object in motion.

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In automatic mechanical operation, vibration and noise can be reduced, the kinetic energy generated by moving objects can be converted into heat energy and released into the atmosphere, and the objects can be effectively stopped in motion.Improve the efficiency of machinery to increase production capacity, prolong the life of machinery to reduce maintenance costs, so that the mechanical operation of stable maintenance of product quality, so that the operation of machinery more safe to avoid accidents, improve personnel efficiency, increase the competitive advantage of enterprises. Oil buffer YRB21. The main structure of the hydraulic buffer is ontology, axis, bearings, inner tube, piston, hydraulic shaft, and other components of the spring, when the axis is impacted by the external force to drive the piston squeeze tube of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil pressure by tube after the oil discharge orifice discharge, at the same time through the inner pipe hydraulic oil also by the inner tube of oil return hole back into the tube;When the force is removed, the spring bounces the piston back to its starting point and waits for the next action.Based on this principle, the oil pressure buffer will be able to effectively balance the moving object to stop. 2. Eliminate shock and collision damage caused by non-mechanical motion. 3. Significantly reduce noise and provide a quiet working environment. 4. Speed up the mechanical operation frequency and increase the production capacity 5. High-efficiency production of high-quality products. 6. To extend the life of machinery, reduce after-sales service. There are many brands of oil bumper nowadays, the most famous of which are Weforma in Germany, Enidine in America and ACE in America.

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