Compact constant rotary cylinder YMKAWC

Rotary cylinder -- a cylinder of cylindrical metal in which the piston is guided to reciprocate in a straight line, in which the intake and exhaust pipes and air guides are fixed while the cylinder body can rotate relative to each other and act on the jigs and coiled wire devices. The rotary cylinder is mainly composed of air head, cylinder block, piston and piston rod.When the rotary cylinder works, the external force drives the cylinder block, cylinder head and the air guide to turn, while the piston and piston rod can only make reciprocating straight movement, and the air guide pipe external connection, fixed.

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Rotary cylinder is mainly used in printing (tension control), semiconductor (spot welding machine, chip grinding. The structure is to combine the action of two rotary cylinders into one, and the blade type swing driver can do two-stage and three-stage rotation.
Bore(mm) 32
Fluid Clean Air
Press.range 0.15-0.95MPa
Action Double Acting
Amb.&Media Temp. 0-60℃
Cushion Rubber
Lubrication*① Non-Lube
Rotation Angle 90±2
Rotation Stroke  
Rotation Direction L: Clockwise
Theoretical Clamp②(N) 345
Allowable Torque③(N*m) 27
Clamping Stroke (mm) 5
Pipe Size(Rc) M5*0.8
Autio Switch A72K, A92K
①Please use Turbine Oil 1st-grade ISOVG32#.if Required.
Compact constant rotary cylinder YMKAWC4 Due to its complex structure and working mode, the rotating cylinder is often unfamiliar to everyone, so there are many questions about the selection of cylinder products. Hereby, I would like to share. The rotating cylinder is a pneumatic actuator that USES compressed air to drive the output shaft to make reciprocating rotary motion within a certain Angle range.It is used for object pulling, clamping, valve opening and closing and robot arm action, etc. The rotating cylinder is divided into two categories according to its internal structure: rack and pinion type and blade type. From the appearance action can be divided into no stroke center Angle rotation and rotation with simultaneous pressure rise stroke. Plane rotation is an Angle rotation based on a central point. Common rotating cylinders include MSQB, CR1A and CRQB. The rotation Angle ranges from 1 to 180 degrees with a maximum of 190 degrees.By adjusting the screw rotation Angle control, can also install the buffer, the operation is more stable.

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