Buffer bushing

The buffer brushing is made of original metal steel wire imported from Germany, with fine workmanship, soft and comfortable use, no feeling of cutting hands, anti-cutting, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, strong endurance, can be reversed with left and right hands, and is very easy to clean and use Convenient and lightweight.

Products Details

Item Material Mechanical behavior 
Buffer bushing 45 Surface High frequency quenching, hardness 52 to 60HRC, hardening depth 1.0 to 2.0mm
40Cr、42CrMo Quenching, hardness 45 to 52HRC
HBsC4 hardness220~270HB
spheroidal graphite cast iron hardness≥230HB
Buffer piston 15CrMo 、20CrMo Carburizing and quenching, hardness 56 to62HRC
1. Strong manufacturing technology 1) With 70 years of manufacturing history, it mainly produces prime movers for gas turbines, thermal power generation, hydropower generation, nuclear power and other power generation, hydraulic control pipes for construction machinery, high temperature components for gas turbines and hydraulic control units 2) It has a medium-volume production method with the same shape and a monthly output of more than 1,000 points, as well as a single production method with different specifications for each product, and gives full play to its technical advantages 2. Exquisite welding technology and craftsmanship We have a team of welders that comply with JIS standards, ASME standards, business partner standards, etc., and are committed to further improving our welding skills 3. Design technology is accurate 1) Rich experience in designing hydraulic control pipeline module (following trolley) for shield excavator 2) For the hydraulic control pipeline of construction machinery, 3D CAD is used for efficient design to avoid interference 3) Rich experience in the design of thermal power, nuclear power circulating water pipelines, buried water supply pipelines, water bridges, water treatment plant pipelines and various facility pipelines

We are wholeheartedly committed to working with each customer, constantly sharing ideas and gathering critical information on the suitability and performance requirements of your hydraulic cylinder for your specific application. If our standard range is not suitable for your application, we can advise you on custom hydraulic cylinders and we have extensive experience designing them. We do our best to develop dynamic, innovative and reliable hydraulic and machining solutions that exceed your expectations.

As a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, we are committed to providing hydraulic cylinders and solutions to meet the needs of a variety of different market segments. Our products are used in a wide range of applications including mining and construction, agriculture and maintenance, load handling, forestry, lifting, recycling, defense, energy and more.

1. To efficiently absorb impact from hydro-cylinder with special designed floating buffer zone. It is a significant part for High-speed and High pressure buffer zone. 2. Polishing out surface, fulfill the requirement of ABBOTT curve. 3. Distinctive grinding process be used for machining of buffer bevel ,to guarantee the requirement of the dimensions and angle. 4. Rolling treatment be used for R grooves of buffer piston, roughness can be up to Ra0.4, tensile strength highly improved. 5. Application to hydro-cylinder for digger.

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